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DIGITAL - Tile Mural Creator®

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Tile Mural Creator™ is a custom created plug-in for Adobe Photoshop™ which enables you to create spectacular tile murals from your existing images. For use with the following versions of Adobe Photoshop™ version 7.0 or above and only available from the Transfer It Company!

Tile Mural Creator™ comes with a
** Money Back Guarantee!

Tile Mural Creator utilizes Adobe Photoshop™ "Actions" as the engine that runs the program routines. This means that any version of Adobe Photoshop should be compatible that has the "Actions" feature.

This product is an electronic download. Not an actual CD as pictured
Technical support is not included with the purchase
User needs to be aware of how to use Photoshop Actions

How to use:
Simply paste any image into one of seven (7) tile mural templates, then begin printing each individual tile in the mural template of your choice. It's also Mac & PC compatible! You control the mural size and gain precise control by easily printing only the tiles you need. Overprinting and bleed is automatically calculated so your mural will not have white gaps or unprinted areas.

Special Bonus Folder includes additional templates for:
Mugs, Mouse Pads, Pilsner Glasses, Latte Mugs, and More...

** In order to receive a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, the purchaser must request a refund via email with the reason for their dissatisfaction within 30-days of the original purchase date. The refund wil be for $75. less a $10. processing fee. After the $65. refund is processed, original purchaser and/or user promises not to use Tile Mural Creator and to delete all of the downloaded files made available with the original purchase from the Transfer It Company.