Product Decorating Systems

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High Margins and Vibrant
HD Images that People Love

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High Margins and Vibrant HD
Images that People Love

Featuring the SG400 and SG800 sublimation printers and SubliJet-HD sublimation inks, this desktop Virtuoso system is the first fully integrated solution designed specifically for sublimation.

Highest Definition Prints Possible 

Virtuoso Desktop HD Product Decorating Systems feature the only printers designed specifically for sublimation printing using SubliJet-HD inks. These next generation printers deliver the highest resolution prints possible for dazzling, photo quality reproduction - Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi!

Low Startup Costs + Low Image Cost = Fast ROI
Virtuoso Desktop HD Product Decorating Systems offer some of the lowest startup and imaging costs of any product decorating technology. Combine this with exceptional versatility for creating products that customers love, and Virtuoso systems deliver blazingly fast return on investment.

Warranty and PartnerPlus Support
All Virtuoso Desktop HD Product Decorating Systems come with a two year warranty in the EU and a one year warranty throughout the rest of the world. Our PartnerPlus program also provides real time total system support for your printer, ink and software - all in one place!

Faster Speeds, Greater Productivity
SG400 and SG800 printers are nearly 2 times faster than their Ricoh predecessors - Up to 156 prints per hour. Their built in self cleaning routine keeps the printers running at their best, ensuring money making uptime with minimal power and ink consumption.

Easy Expansion Options 
The optional Bypass Tray extends maximum media size up to 8.5" x 51" for the SG400 and up to 13" x 19" for the SG800. The SG400 also has an additional 250 Sheet Paper Feed Tray option, which enables you to keep multiple paper sizes ready to print on demand.

PartnerPlus Service and Support
All Virtuoso systems come with access to PartnerPlus, our comprehensive user support program. Our expert support team is available both online and via phone to offer real time help with system troubleshooting, color management software, full product warranty and more for printers under OEM warranty.


Virtuoso VJ680 - 25" Wide - High Throughput
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Featuring the Sawgrass VJ 628, the Virtuoso 25” / 630 mm 8 Color HD Product Decorating System is the industry’s first fully integrated sublimation printing solution of this size.

Utilizing a best in class print engine, sublimation ink set, software and support, this 8 color system is designed for high volume, high definition printing - and is built to last, even in the most demanding production environments.

Imagine brighter, higher-definition images, with unsurpassed efficiency, ease of use, support AND lower imaging costs. The Virtuoso 25” / 630 mm 8 Color HD Product Decorating System is ideal for photography, fine art, signs and high-volume customization and personalization.

Sawgrass VJ 628 Printer Features:

  • Full-bleed printing on 24” / 610 mm products.
  • Engineered and manufactured in Japan by Mutoh.
  • Industrial grade printhead.
  • i2 print technology virtually eliminates banding.
  • Dual CMYK and 8 color ink configurations.
  • Up to 1440 x 1440 resolution.
  • One year parts and labor warranty.
  • Onsite warranty service available.